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Metadata Holding Grading Criteria for DAIDs




An object of class tbl_df (inherits from tbl, data.frame) with 63 rows and 15 columns.


This metadata has its origin in the ADLB Grading Spec Excel file which ships with {admiral} and can be accessed using system.file("adlb_grading/adlb_grading_spec.xlsx", package = "admiral") in sheet = "DAIDS". The dataset contained in there has the following columns:

  • SOC: variable to hold the SOC of the lab test criteria.

  • TERM: variable to hold the term describing the criteria applied to a particular lab test, eg. 'Anemia' or 'INR Increased'. Note: the variable is case insensitive.

  • SUBGROUP : Description of sub-group of subjects were grading will be applied (i.e. >= 18 years)

  • Grade 1: Criteria defining lab value as Grade 1.

  • Grade 2: Criteria defining lab value as Grade 2.

  • Grade 3: Criteria defining lab value as Grade 3.

  • Grade 4: Criteria defining lab value as Grade 4.

  • Grade 5: Criteria defining lab value as Grade 5.

  • Definition: Holds the definition of the lab test abnormality.

  • FILTER : admiral code to apply the filter based on SUBGROUP column.

  • GRADE_CRITERIA_CODE: variable to hold code that creates grade based on defined criteria.

  • SI_UNIT_CHECK: variable to hold unit of particular lab test. Used to check against input data if criteria is based on absolute values.

  • VAR_CHECK: List of variables required to implement lab grade criteria. Use to check against input data.

  • DIRECTION: variable to hold the direction of the abnormality of a particular lab test value. 'L' is for LOW values, 'H' is for HIGH values. Note: the variable is case insensitive.

  • COMMENT: Holds any information regarding rationale behind implementation of grading criteria.

Note: Variables SOC, TERM, SUBGROUP, Grade 1, Grade 2,Grade 3,Grade 4,Grade 5, Definition are from the source document on DAIDS website defining the grading criteria. [Division of AIDS (DAIDS) Table for Grading the Severity of Adult and Pediatric Adverse Events From these variables only 'TERM' is used in the {admiral} code, the rest are for information and traceability only.