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Vaccine extension package for ADaM in R Asset Library admiral


To provide a complementary (to admiral) toolbox that enables users to develop vaccine specific domains.


The package is available from CRAN and can be installed by running install.packages("admiralvaccine").

To install the latest development version of the package directly from GitHub use the following code:

if (!requireNamespace("remotes", quietly = TRUE)) {

remotes::install_github("pharmaverse/admiraldev", ref = "devel") # This is a required dependency of {admiralvaccine}
remotes::install_github("pharmaverse/admiral", ref = "devel") # This is a required dependency of {admiralvaccine}
remotes::install_github("pharmaverse/admiralvaccine", ref = "devel")


The latest version of the package works with the latest versions of the packages stated in DESCRIPTION.

If a previous version of the package should be used, it is recommended to use latest version of the dependencies at the point of time when the previous version of {admiralvaccine} was released.


  • Build a toolbox of re-usable functions and utilities to create vaccine-specific ADaM datasets in R in a modular manner.
  • All functions are created based upon the ADaM Implementation Guide and aim to facilitate the programming of ADaM dataset standards.
  • Initially the package will focus on creating the reactogenicity and immunogenicity domain following flat model as per Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) guidelines.In future we will make enhancements as we get updates on Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER).


admiralvaccine is expected to complement admiral and provide functions to help with the creation of the efficacy endpoints required for vaccine ADaMs.

References and Documentation

R Versions

Here’s a summary of our strategy for this package related to R versions:

  • R versions for developers and users will follow the same as admiral core package.
  • For development the devel branch of admiral core is used as a dependency. For releasing a new admiralvaccine version it must run using the latest released admiral core version, i.e., main branch of admiral core.


We use the following for support and communications between user and developer community:

  • Slack - for informal discussions, Q&A and building our user community. If you don’t have access, use this link to join the pharmaverse Slack workspace
  • GitHub Issues - for direct feedback, enhancement requests or raising bugs

{admiralvaccine} R Package Collaboration: Pfizer, GSK and J&J

  • Project Lead & Contributor: Neetu Sangari

  • Maintainer: Sukalpo Saha

  • Developers: Vikram S, Arjun Rubalingam, Dhivya Kanagaraj, Federico Baratin, Yamini Purna Bollu, Ilse Augustyns, Kalyani Bodicherla

  • Support lead & Reviewer: Ben Straub

  • Other Reviewers: Stefan Bundfuss, Edoardo Mancini

  • Other Contributors: Ross Farrugia, Abdul Khayat, Jayashree V, Jagadish Katam, Ankur Jindal, Andrea Pammolli, Daniele Bottigliengo, Ranya Ben Hsain, Lee Armishaw, Hilde Delanghe, Marleen Nijs, Mandy Peng, Tina Zhai