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envsetup 0.1.0

  • Minor updates to prepare for initial CRAN release (#55)

envsetup 0.0.1

New Features

  • init() added to assist with setting up a project to use envsetup (#20, #21, #31)
  • build_from_config() added to add ability to also use config to create your directories (#25)
  • validate_config() added to assist with creating configuration files (#23)
  • rprofile() will automatically store your configuration file in a standard location with a standard name, allowing library() to use this to re-assign autos

Breaking Changes

  • library() will now respect invisible return instead of always returning the list of attached packages (#24)
  • set_autos() now expects a different YAML structure for hierarchical filtering based on ENVSETUP_ENVIRON (#28)

Bug Fixes