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The flag_event object is used to define events as input for the derive_var_merged_ef_msrc() function.


flag_event(dataset_name, condition = NULL, by_vars = NULL)



Dataset name of the dataset to be used as input for the event. The name refers to the dataset specified for source_datasets in derive_var_merged_ef_msrc().

Permitted Values: a character scalar



The condition is evaluated at the dataset referenced by dataset_name. For all by groups where it evaluates as TRUE at least once the new variable is set to the true value (true_value).


Grouping variables

If specified, the dataset is grouped by the specified variables before the condition is evaluated. If named elements are used in by_vars like by_vars = exprs(USUBJID, EXLNKID = ECLNKID), the variables are renamed after the evaluation. If the by_vars element is not specified, the observations are grouped by the variables specified for the by_vars argument of derive_var_merged_ef_msrc().