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The records_source object is used to find extreme records of interest.


records_source(dataset_name, filter = NULL, new_vars)



The name of the source dataset

The name refers to the dataset provided by the source_datasets argument of derive_param_extreme_record().


An unquoted condition for selecting the observations from dataset.


Variables to add

The specified variables from the source datasets are added to the output dataset. Variables can be renamed by naming the element, i.e., new_vars = exprs(<new name> = <old name>).

For example new_vars = exprs(var1, var2) adds variables var1 and var2 from to the input dataset.

And new_vars = exprs(var1, new_var2 = old_var2) takes var1 and old_var2 from the source dataset and adds them to the input dataset renaming old_var2 to new_var2. Expressions can be used to create new variables (see for example new_vars argument in derive_vars_merged()).

Permitted Values: list of expressions created by exprs(), e.g., exprs(ADT, desc(AVAL))


An object of class records_source