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The tte_source object is used to define events and possible censorings.


tte_source(dataset_name, filter = NULL, date, censor = 0, set_values_to = NULL)



The name of the source dataset

The name refers to the dataset provided by the source_datasets parameter of derive_param_tte().


An unquoted condition for selecting the observations from dataset which are events or possible censoring time points.


A variable or expression providing the date of the event or censoring. A date, or a datetime can be specified. An unquoted symbol or expression is expected.

Refer to derive_vars_dt() or convert_dtc_to_dt() to impute and derive a date from a date character vector to a date object.


Censoring value

CDISC strongly recommends using 0 for events and positive integers for censoring.


A named list returned by exprs() defining the variables to be set for the event or censoring, e.g. exprs(EVENTDESC = "DEATH", SRCDOM = "ADSL", SRCVAR = "DTHDT"). The values must be a symbol, a character string, a numeric value, an expression, or NA.


An object of class tte_source