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Ben Straub


June 28, 2023


The communications working group (CWG) seeks to promote and showcase how R can be used in the Clinical Reporting pipeline through short and informative blog posts. These posts will be hosted on this pharmaverse blog and promoted on the pharmaverse slack channels as well as on LinkedIn.

As the CWG is a small team, we hope to make the blog development process easy enough that pharmaverse community members will be able to easily write blog posts with guidance from the CWG team.

Spirit of a Blog Post

The CWG believes that the following 4 points will help guide the creation of Blog Posts.

  • Short
  • Personalized
  • Reproducible
  • Readable

Short: Posts should aim to be under a 10 minute read. We encourage longer posts to be broken up into multiple posts.

Personalized: Posts should have a personality! For example, a person wishing to post on a function in a package needs to differentiate the post from the documentation for function, i.e. we don’t want to just recycle the documentation. How can you add your voice and experience? A bit of cheeky language is also encouraged.

Reproducible: Posts should work with minimal dependencies with data, packages and outside sources. Every dependency introduced in a post adds some risk to the post longevity. As package dependencies change, posts should be built in a way that they can be updated to stay relevant.

Readable: The CWG sees this site as more of introductory site rather advanced user site. Therefore, the CWG feels that code should be introduced in a way that promotes readability over complexity.

What types of posts are allowed on this site?

Overall, we want to stay focus on the Clinical Reporting Pipeline, which we see as the following topics:

  1. Packages in the Clinical Reporting Pipeline
  2. Functions from packages in the Clinical Reporting Pipeline
  3. Wider experiences of using R in the Clinical Reporting Pipeline
  4. Conference experiences and the Clinical Reporting Pipeline

However, it never hurts to ask if you topic might fit into this medium!

Minimum Post Requirements

  • A unique image to help showcase the post.
  • Working Code
  • Self-contained data or package data.
  • Documentation of package versions

That is it! After that you can go wild, but we do ask that it is kept short!

How can I make a Blog Post

Step 1: Reach out to us through pharmaverse/slack or make an issue on our GitHub.

Step 2: Branch off main

Step 3: Review the Spirit of the Blog Post in the Pull Request Template

Step 4: Poke us to do a review!

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