teal.modules.clinical v0.9.0 is now on CRAN!

This package release now completes the suite of {teal} family of packages recently released to CRAN.

Leena Khatri


April 8, 2024


I am thrilled to share the exciting news of the release of {teal.modules.clinical} 0.9.0 on CRAN. This significant achievement marks a major milestone for the NEST team in our open-source efforts that will make a profound impact on the entire open-source community.

This package release now completes the suite of {teal} family of packages recently released to CRAN (see our other blog post here!). teal is a shiny-based interactive dashboard framework for analyzing data and aims to quickly and easily allow users to create dynamic visualizations. We invite you to delve deeper into the teal family of packages, including {teal.modules.clinical} by visiting our teal website.

Accelerating clinical insights

Designed to enable faster insights generation under a clinical data context, the {teal.modules.clinical} package contains a set of standard teal modules to be used with CDISC data to generate many of the common analysis displays used in clinical trial reporting. By leveraging {teal.modules.clinical}, data scientists can visualize, interact, and analyze their data effectively.


Getting started with {teal.modules.clinical} is incredibly easy. Simply run the command install.packages("teal.modules.clinical") and you’ll be able to install the package directly into your local R studio environment from CRAN. For further information about this release, and information on important breaking changes, please visit the tmc site.


We would like to give a huge thanks to the hard work and dedication of the many developers (past and present) for making this release possible. And not to forget our wonderful users for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Example {teal.modules.clinical} interactive KM-plot created by tm_g_km() function. Read more about this module in the function documentation.

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