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Test data (ADaM) for the pharmaverse family of packages


To provide a one-stop-shop for ADaM test data in the pharmaverse family of packages.

Package Contents

The ADaM contents of this package is populated by an action that executes the admiral, admiralonco, admiralophtha and admiralvaccine templates and saves the resulting datasets here. This action can be triggered manually by the package maintainers in two scenarios:

  • Regularly, upon new releases of admiral, admiralonco, admiralophtha and admiralvaccine;
  • Ad-hoc, whenever templates in the above packages have been updated but releases are far away in the calendar. In this case, the ADaM datasets are created using the development version of the templates.


The package is available from CRAN and can be installed by running install.packages("pharmaverseadam"). To install the latest development version of the package directly from GitHub use the following code:

if (!requireNamespace("remotes", quietly = TRUE)) {

remotes::install_github("pharmaverse/pharmaverseadam", ref = "main")